20 Most Fabulous Paleo Cheesecake Recipes

20 Paleo Cheesecakes That Will Blow Your Mind

Cheesecake is a world of wonder, truly. There are endless options to choose from. Perhaps you’re a big fan of your mum’s classic recipe, or your guilty pleasure is that grocery store freezer section chocolate cheesecake. Either way, there’s no denying it’s decadent stuff.

With its rich mixture of dairy and sugar, this decadent dessert hits all the right tastebuds. Fortunately, it’s also a fairly simple treat to make dairy-free and refined sugar-free. I’m sharing my favourite paleo cheesecake recipe ideas with you today, including a few primal options, egg-free desserts, raw recipes, and nut-free variations. Enjoy!

1. Vegan pumpkin chocolate cheesecake from Jessi’s Kitchen


Whether or not it’s pumpkin season, you can always find a taste of Autumn in a can. That’s a good enough excuse to make this vegan and paleo chocolate cheesecake. The crust is made possible by a blend of goodies like almond flour and chia seeds, while the inner layer is a dairy-free, fluffy, cashew-based pumpkin cream. The dark chocolate marbling is key. This recipe is great for the holidays.


2. Raw mixed berry & vanilla cheesecake from Downshiftology


This cheesecake is totally raw, so you just need to set it and forget it while those layers freeze together for the perfect slice. The bottom is a delicious, coconutt-y crust followed by a vanilla bean layer in the middle. Fresh or frozen berries can be used to create the top layer, and you’ve got a real treat waiting for you.

3. Raw banana cream cheesecake from Merit & Fork


If banana cream pie is your jam, this is the cheesecake recipe to rule them all. If you’ve ever been to The Cheesecake Factory and had their banana cheesecake, this is the paleo-fied version of just that. Crush your cravings with this dairy-free, naturally sweetened number.

4. White chocolate strawberry cheesecake (primal) from Living Healthy With Chocolate


As the blog name suggests, you can have your chocolate and eat it, too, even when you avoiding food groups x, y, and z. This white chocolate layer is made with cacao butter for a truly authentic white chocolate flavour for all you believers out there. Don’t worry – there’s some “real” chocolate in there, too. This recipe does use yoghurt and cream cheese, but it’s without grains or refined sugar.

5. Mango key lime cheesecake from Plaid & Paleo


If you’re craving cheesecake, but you’re looking for something light and summery, this is the answer. Mango mousse, a buttery macadamia and coconut crust, and a zesty lime filling is your ticket to the tropics. Top it off with fresh lime zest for the best results on this Cheesecake Factory copycat.

6. Lemon cauliflower cheesecake from Mummy Made It


A strange combination? Sure – but don’t knock it ’til ya try it. I’m a sucker for a good sweets recipe featuring hidden veggies, and cauliflower is so versatile that sometimes… it just works! This “cheesecake” has a mousse consistency as most of the fluffy layer is actually steamed cauliflower.


7. Raw chocolate hazelnut cheesecake from Paleo Power Couple


If you’re a big fan of Nutella (and who isn’t?!), this cheesecake is IT. The raw layers of coconut oil and hazelnuts provide you with a healthy dose of fats and medium-chain triglycerides, B vitamins, vitamin E, and so much more. Chocolate swirl + chocolate hazelnut crumble = swoon.

8. No-bake mini strawberry cheesecakes from The Natural Nurturer


How sweet are these little bite-sized cheesecakes? If you have trouble dishing out the right portions when your sweet tooth is calling the shots, making a little batch of these is perfect. This simple recipe is rewarding and chock full of strawberry goodness, plus a few other nourishing ingredients you can find hiding out in the pantry.

9. Raw coconut macadamia mango cheesecake from Downshiftology


Macadamia and mango? It’s a truly heavenly match, especially when it’s all dolled up in cheesecake crust and other layers. This paleo and vegan creation is another raw dessert, so the prep is fairly simple. Get tropical with this sweet little stunner. It will look fabulous on the table.

10. Raw mini lime cheesecakes from Becomingness


For another itty bitty treat, these key lime cakes will take you right to the beach. Imagine sitting poolside with a cool, refreshing cocktail as you bite into one of these zesty treats. These use fresh lime zest and lime essential oils for a beautiful citrus burst in every bite that you savour. This is a great munchie for the freezer.


11. Saffron & vanilla no-bake cheesecake (primal) from Eat Beautiful


If you want to get fancy, all you need to do is add some saffron to the mix. This little spice works magic on dishes both sweet and savoury, and it pairs beautifully with vanilla bean. This recipe uses goat’s chevre which can often be tolerated by people who don’t otherwise tolerate dairy. It’s also egg-free.

12. Paleo cheesecake with nut-free option from Empowered Sustenance


If you can’t do nuts, many of the raw cheesecakes on this list might not work for you. This recipe is paleo-friendly, vegan, and has a no-nut option using pumpkin seeds instead. If you’re going for allergen-friendly, this cake is IT!

13. Salted caramel cheesecake bites from Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind


Salt makes sweet even sweeter, especially when that sweet is ooey-gooey caramel. It’s the perfect topping for a nutty base and a cheesecake layer snug in the middle. It’s even better when it’s bite-sized. This is what dessert dreams are made of. Make ’em come true with this recipe.

14. Raw Snickers cheesecake from The Good Food Goddess


Get your candy bar fix with a slice of this. It’s chocolate-y, it’s got that nougat layer you love, and it’s nutty. There is peanut butter to be had, but if you’d like to keep it strict paleo, I recommend replacing the peanuts with cashews, and the nut butter with cashew butter. In any case, these beats a spur-of-the-moment checkout line candy pick-up.

15. Raw vegan raspberry cheesecake from The Loopy Whisk


How gorgeous is this?! With just two layers, this nutty, raspberry cake requires no baking and minimal ingredients with a seriously impressive turnout. Edible flowers aren’t a necessity, but they certainly top things off nicely for a pretty-in-pink centerpiece.



16. No-bake layered blueberry cheesecake from Bakerita


Let’s start from the bottom up. We begin with a cinnamon, pecan, and almond crust. Next is a gorgeous cashew cream filling, infused with a little bit of lemon. The third layer is a freeze-dried blueberry cheesecake, and it’s all topped off with a gooey , chia-blueberry “jam.” Naturally, a layer of fresh blueberries on top is the only way to finish this off!

17. Fig & honey cheesecake from Paleo Gluten Free


This recipe goes against the grain in a few ways. You won’t find any in the crust, and it’s served in slices. This is a fabulous dessert to embrace the fresh fig’s short summer season, pairing it with honey, cashew cream, and a date/nut crust. This is magazine cover-worthy stuff.

18. Healthy baked pumpkin cheesecake (primal) from The Merrymaker Sisters


This baked cheesecake is perfect to welcome autumn with open arms, topped off with seasonal fruits you might have leftover from the summer bounty. This recipe does use dairy if you tolerate it. Opt for cream cheese from pasture-raised cows.

19. Lemon cheesecake from Cooking With Curls


The perfect marriage of cheesecake and lemon meringue pie, this paleo cheesecake begins with a grain-free wafer crust before transitioning to a classic cheesecake centre. It’s topped with lemon curd which is simple to make, and it’s a great way to preserve lemons in a truly decadent spread.

20. Paleo pumpkin cheesecake from A Girl Worth Saving


We have yet another pumpkin cheesecake for you because it’s really that good! This one boasts a classic whipped cream topping for a beautiful mix between cheesecake and pie. The crust is nut-free, instead using sunflower seeds, so it’s allergen-friendly.

Are you hungry for dessert yet? I hope you enjoyed this variety of paleo cheesecakes and found something that suits you whether you include a bit of dairy or you need a nut-free recipe. Make sure to share this roundup!


20 Most Fabulous Paleo Cheesecakes including vegan, nut-free, and egg-free varieties.



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