Best Paleo Granola & Muesli Bars

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Paleo Friendly Granola & Muesli Bars

Everyone loves a good granola/muesli/lara bar. They’re nutrient-dense, easy to make and can be used as a quick breakfast on the run or as a high-energy snack. Plus, it’s totally lunchbox friendly.

In today’s roundup, I’ve put together a list of my favourite, paleo friendly bars including nut-free and low-fructose options. Actually, you can make most of these recipes nut-free by replacing nuts with seeds and, as usual, I recommend using activated nuts to reduce the amount of phytic acid and make them easier to digest.

1. Paleo Protein Muesli Bars from Eat Drink Paleo


2. A Chewy Wintertime Paleo Granola Bar from Barefoot Girl


3. Granola Bars from Paleo Leap 


A paleo take on the traditional chewy granola bar recipe – includes instructions on how to activate nuts to eliminate the phytic acid. Uses activated nuts, not baked.

4. Tastiest Granola Snack Bars from Petite Kitchen


Baked! You can easily adapt this recipe for crispy granola snack bars by using whatever dried fruit, nuts and seeds take your fancy.

5. Crunchy Cherry Pistachio Paleo Granola Bars from Paleo Grubs 


6. Seedy Bars from Madeline Shaw


7. Nut-Free Paleo Chewy Granola Bars from The Paleo Mom 

These chewy granola bars are nut-free and perfect for kids lunch boxes; omit the chocolate chips to reduce the content of refined sugar.

8. Sugar-free Granola Bars from I Quit Sugar 


This fructose-free recipe is high in protein and makes a crunchy snack. Replace the rolled oats with shredded coconut to make these paleo friendly.

9. Apricot Coconut Lemon Bites from Living Healthy With Chocolate


10. Raw Fruit N’ Nut Bars from Everyday Paleo


Everyday Paleo has shared her take on the Lara Bar – try these chewy raw fruit and nut bars in three different flavours: apricot, spice, and coconut-cherry.

11. Raw Cashew Cookie Lara Bars from Paleo Paisan 


A super simple recipe using just 2 ingredients – whip these up for a homemade version of the Cashew Cookie Lara Bar.

Do you have a go-to granola bar recipe? Share with us in the comments.



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